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Crystal Devices

Single Crystal Silicon Ingot Growing System

This is the apparatus for producing single-crystal ingots that takes advantage of our core technology cultivated in the semiconductor process.
The silicon melt of dissolved raw polysilicon is pulled up in a vacuum furnace to shape the ingot.
Maintaining the vacuum environment in the apparatus is our company’s vacuum seal technology.
The carbon heaters that melt the raw materials at high temperatures, as well as the receptacle crucibles are also our own products. We underpin the world's top class high conversion efficiency for single-crystal modules.

Manufacturing Bases
Multi Crystal Silicon
Ingot Casting System

For their merit of good balance between cost and productivity, multi-crystal silicon Ingot casting apparatus for producing ingots with high productivity are the current mainstream in the increasing global demand for solar cells. Ferrotec’s multi-crystal manufacturing apparatus can be mass-filled with polycrystalline material and recycled material as feedstock. The excellent quality of multi-crystal ingotsand production efficiency contributes to the high conversion efficiency of multi-crystal modules.

Manufacturing Bases
Squaring Wire Saw Machine

From multi crystal ingot to single crystal, an all automatic multi-wire saw device for cutting processed prism ingot blocks.

Manufacturing Bases