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European wide sales and service for Polycold cryo technology

POLYCOLD™ cryo generators are synonym for increased productivity in a wide range of vacuum coating applications. Using POLYCOLD™'s patented cryogenic refrigeration process the cryo pump works on the Meissner trapping principle. Coils can be customized according to customer's needs. POLYCOLD™'s benefits are primarily improved quality, reduced pump down time and an increased product throughput leading to short term return of investment.


increased throughput by +20% to +100%
Reduces pump-down time by -25% to -75%
Better quality of produced layers

Technical data

Fast cool down and warm up
Cooling capacity up to 4000 W
Temperatures down to -150°C

Please contact :
Alfred Mutscheller
Ferrotec Europe GmbH
Seerosenstr. 1 72669 Unterensingen
Tel.: +49 7022 9270 400


Overview over Polycold cryotechnology
by Ferrotec Europe GmbH

Ferrotec Europe GmbH is successful representant for POLYCOLD™ products in most European countries:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Scandinavia and in East European countries.
Ferrotec provides full product support, installation and set up for POLYCOLD™ cryo generators and meissner traps.


  • MaxCool 2500 L / MaxCool 4000 H

    Polycold MaxCool Cryochillers are closed loop cryogenic refrigeration systems that provide up to 2,500 watts or 4,000 watts of cooling, respectively. These cryochillers can be used to capture water vapor and other condensable substances by freezing them onto a cold surface such as a Meissner coil (cryocoil) or chevron baffle. MaxCool cryochillers are also used to cool objects such as electrostatic chucks used in semiconductor wafer processing.

  • PFC Fast Cycle Water Vapor Cryopump

    Our PFC Fast Cycle Water Vapor Cryopump can dramatically reduce pumpdown time and increase product throughput by pumping water vapor quickly and effectively. A simple Meissner-coil (cryocoil) in the chamber or in the plenum will capture the water vapor, 65% to 95% of the typical gas load in a vacuum chamber.

  • PGC Gas Chiller

    The PGC Gas Chiller cools different compressed dry gases such as air, nitrogen, argon, and such from ambient temperatures without precooling (properly dried plant air can be used as input).

  • PCC Compact Cooler – Next Generation CryoTiger

    A closed cycle refrigeration system designed and developed to be used in place of liquid nitrogen for cooling. This is a cost effective means of continuously cooling and maintaining temperatures to as low as -203° Celsius (70 Kelvin).

Meissner Traps

Meissner traps for Polycold cryo technology

Customized Meissner Coils, Chevron Baffles and Cooling Lines are manufactured at our facility in Unterensingen (Germany).


Polycold cryo technology applications by Ferrotec Europe GmbH

Ferrotec Europe GmbH gathered a lot of experience over the years with many applications in surface coating technology for many applications like plastic foils, paper, optics, eye wear, car headlights, touch screens, tools, architectural glass, solar panels, mirror surfaces, gems and artcraft.


Polycold cryo technology service

Ferrotec Europe GmbH installs and starts up your POLYCOLD™ System. In case of a malfunction, our factory trained service team reacts quickly and reliably.

The Ferrotec Service Team offers

・Installation of POLYCOLD™ Systems and cold elements
・Field service
・In-house repairs
・Inventory of spare parts at several different European locations
・Service contracts
・Service Training

Topics of a service and maintenance training

・principle (functioning) of the cooling machine
・summary of the different model variations
・installation and connecting the unit with hands-on training
・disconnect the unit
・refilling of refrigerant charge (top-off-charge) with hands-on-training
・completely new filling of the unit with refrigerant charge
・instructions for the periodic inspection of the unit
・trouble shooting

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